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LoRs = Letter of Recommendation

Good LoRs may be a deciding factor in whether you are selected for an interview.

The best way for IMGs to get letters of recommendation is to get some experience working in a U.S. health care facility before applying for a residency slot. It is particularly important to get experience in a facility with a teaching program. Unfortunately, getting this experience can be a difficult task. Hospitals have no formal programs for IMGs to get experience. Therefore, it is largely up to individual IMGs to go out and find opportunities through their own initiative.

Whom should I approach for my letters of recommendation?

You should approach those physicians who are most familiar with your clinical abilities, medical knowledge, and work ethic. It is also important to select writers who are aware of your interpersonal skills with patients and their families, and your ability to work as part of a team. Program directors may hold in high regard LoRs from clerkship directors, high-ranking medical school faculty, and physicians in the specialty to which you are applying. It is important in order to get the LoRs to do medical rotations in the specialty you wish to do your residency in.

How many LoRs are required:

Some Medical Programs ask for a minimum of three Letters of Recommendation from US doctors.

Doing a Medical Rotation in the US:


  • Have a valid US Visa ( B1/B2 – J1 – F1 – H1 )
  • CV up to date.
  • Medical degree from your university translated into English.

First step is to Enroll Today, select the medical specialty in which you will do your rotation in a Medical practice in the US. Minimum 1 month.

Get hands on experience will put you in front when you apply for a medical residency.